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Focus on the big picture in transition planning: Work experiences

Middle years
Senior years

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Complement external work experience opportunities your school offers with internal work experience to provide students with opportunities for a greater range of and more frequent work experience.

Work experience is a valuable experience for all adolescents, but research indicates that it is especially important for students on the autism spectrum, who may experience:

  • difficulty imagining their life beyond school
  • challenges with understanding the big picture about work 
  • anxiety about transition from school to work.

This practice:

  • provides ideas for internal work experiences to complement existing school work experience programs
  • accommodates students with a range of different interests and capacities
  • aligns with the Australian Curriculum: Work Studies.

This practice will help students to

explore a career of interest

develop reflective thinking

develop employability

This practice will help teachers to

promote career exploration

support transition planning

scaffold work experience

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