Classroom management

Effective classroom management is essential in creating positive learning environment for all students with minimal disruptive behaviours. Research suggests that students with diverse learning needs, including students on the autism spectrum, benefit from structured teaching and environments that cater to their sensory needs. The practices in these series provides teachers with tools and techniques create calmer classrooms that are accessible and engaging to diverse learners.

Teacher speaks to a classroom of students
Preschool – Year 12
Students spend an estimated 45%–60% of their school day listening to their teacher and classmates. If students are to succeed in the classroom, they must be able to hear what has... Read more
a student raises a hand in class
Middle years
Establishing and clearly communicating rules helps students understand classroom expectations. When students understand what is expected of their behaviour, the classroom becomes... Read more
A teacher and a student talking
Middle years
How teachers respond to positive behaviour can contribute to a positive learning environment and can help prevent inappropriate behaviour. Constructive responses to behaviour: us... Read more
Student works understands and works on her task
Preschool – Year 12
Work systems provide a means for teachers to structure tasks or elements of a task for students on the autism spectrum. Work systems can help students to understand:  what task o... Read more
Dr Jill Ashburner
Child reads a visual schedule
Preschool – Year 12
Visual schedules show students the sequence of activities or events that will happen over a certain amount of time. Students can see where these activities take place and when th... Read more
Teacher standing in front of a class
Middle years
Structuring a classroom so that it is well organised and easy to move around creates a productive learning environment, encourages student independence, and helps with efficient ... Read more
A teacher standing in front of a screen in a classroom
Middle years
By providing an instructional sequence at the beginning of each lesson, teachers give students a road map of what will happen in the lesson.  A clear visual instructional sequenc... Read more
A person writing a checklist in a notebook
Providing visual self-management tools for complex activities or assignments can help students to build their organisation skills, independence, and engagement. These tools help ... Read more
Dr Trevor Clark