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teaching practice

For student year

Middle years
Senior years

Helps students to

  • identify work-related strengths
  • discover career interests
  • Helps teachers to

  • use myWAY Employability
  • Summary

    Many students need support to set goals and understand how the many elements of different work environments may support them.  The Self-discovery unit explores career interests and students' strengths.  

    Each activity is designed to build the students’ awareness of their career interests and strengths, and how these may align with work opportunities.

    Students will also use myWAY Employability to understand their career interests and strengths.

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    Preparing to teach

    Unit plan

    The unit plan for this practice are available as a PDF or a word version. Use the word version if you wish to amend the plan or record any teaching adjustments. 

    This plan includes:

    • Lesson One: Explore Career Interests
    • Lesson Two: Explore Students' Strengths

    Some of the activities and quizzes in the unit will be completed on the myWAY Employability website.

    These activities are denoted with this symbol:

     myWAY Employability website indicator



    Unit Plan - Self-Discovery

    Unit Plan - Self-Discovery

    Before you begin:

    • Watch the pre-teach vocabulary video (if required).

    • Open the relevant sections of the myWAY Employability website:

    • Prepare the following resources provided with this practice:

      • Glossary worksheets (optional)
      • Activity Interview worksheets (1 per student, scaffolded based on learning needs)
      • Selfie video note-taking chart worksheets (1 per student, scaffolded based on learning needs)
      • My strengths worksheets (1 per student, scaffolded based on learning needs)


    Curriculum alignment

     These align with the following standards and capabilities of the Australian Curriculum. 

    Work Studies Curriculum Standards

    • ACWSCL002: Describe the implications of individual learning preferences for learning at home, school, work and in the community.

    • ACWSCL013: Recognise the importance of self-awareness in career and life design.

    • ACWSCL021: Link personal profiles with potential work opportunities.

    • ACWSCL032: Apply knowledge of self to career decision-making processes.

    • ACWSCL033: Use career decision-making processes to filter career scenarios. 

    General Capabilities (Personal & Social Capability)

    • Self-awareness: Recognise personal qualities and achievements, understand themselves as learners.

    Adjustments for students with diverse abilities

    You will find notes on making adjustments for students with diverse abilities in the resources section.  These notes outline how each practice is designed to assist teachers to teach to the diversity within their classroom.

    Individual student activity: Glossary worksheet (optional)

    The Glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice. If you are not sure how to pre-teach vocabulary, we have a quick example which is for viewing by teachers only.

    This pre-teaching vocabulary video is included in all of the MyWay Employability practices.

    In the classroom

    Introduction to myWAY Employability

    Students will be introduced to the website and create a login (refer to Introduction to MyWay employability for login assistance)

    Whole class activity

    Lesson 1: Explore career interests

    Identify likes and dislikes

    In this activity, students tease out liked or disliked activities but also why these activities are enjoyable. The aim is to explore how liked activities can become careers.

    Resource:  Student worksheet: Activity interview - located in the resources section below.

    Explore career journeys

    Listen to real life accounts of career journeys

    In this activity students have an opportunity to listen to and take notes of some real life career journeys.  

    There are three scaffolded versions of the Selfie video note-taking chart student worksheets available in the resources section.


    Teacher resources

    Some students may need support with note-taking.  You may like to use this optional activity with your students before completing the Selfie video activity. 

    You will find the PowerPoint - Note-taking Skills resource in the resources section 

    Explore career interests

    Individual activity: Career exploration quiz

    Watch the videos to learn about the myWAY Employability Career Exploration quiz  and how to navigate through the quiz.

    These videos can be viewed full screen.

    Lesson 2: Explore strengths

     Activity 1: Individual or paired activity: My Strengths interview activity  

    Students will explore their strengths and begin to understand how different career choices align to different strengths using the  myWAY Employability My Strengths quiz. 

    The video demonstrates  how to navigate through the quiz.

    For lesson instructions, see the Self-discovery unit plan.  This activity can be completed as a homework task but can be adapted to complete in class time.

    This lesson uses myWAY Employability   myWAY activity logo

    Activity 2:  My Strengths worksheet

    Students will interview a family member or peer about their strengths.

    This video shows an example of how students can discover their strengths with a peer (00:00 - 00:58). We have also provided a script of what is said.

    It works best if ...

    • you explain how will be using the MyWay Employability website in class activities in the coming term/year.
    • you demonstrate the various sections of the website and how to navigate between sections e.g.,  the Career Interests and Exploring Strengths sections on the dashboard. 
    • you demonstrate how to complete an activity or quiz. You might find the peer-modelling videos helpful for your students.

    It doesn't work if...

    Practice toolkit

    Practice implementation planner template

    We know that it is not always easy to keep track of what is working and what is not. So, we have created this template for you to record and reflect on what you are doing to help you create a more inclusive classroom. The implementation planner contains:

    • Guidance around goal setting
    • Reflection section (What worked, didn’t work and what to change and next steps.)
    • Prompting questions

    Implementation planner template

    Implementation planner with examples

    Set your professional learning goal for:

    You can set and save your goal for inclusive practices using inclusionED. Saved goals will appear in your profile. Here you can access, refine and review your goal easily.

    Benefits of goal setting

    Setting, working towards, and reflecting on goals helps you grow professionally and improve your practice. You can access AITSL learning resources for teachers to learn more about:
    How to set goals
    The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership recommends using the SMART matrix to frame your goal setting.

    SMART goals refers to goals that are:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Time-phased
    Read more about Improving teaching practices.


    Teacher notes: Making adjustments for students with diverse abilities

    Student worksheet: Activity interview - 1 Helping hand

    Student worksheet: Activity interview - 2 Helping hands

    Student worksheet: Activity interview - 3 Helping hands

    Student worksheet - 1 Helping hand - Selfie video note-taking chart

    Student worksheet - 2 Helping hands Selfie video note-taking chart

    Student worksheet - 3 Helping hands - Selfie video note-taking chart

    PowerPoint - Note-taking Skills

    For your use if needed

    Glossary worksheet – 1 Helping hand: Self-discovery

    Glossary worksheet – 2 Helping hands: Self-discovery

    Glossary worksheet – 3 Helping hands: Self-discovery

    Student worksheet - 1 Helping hand - My Strengths

    Student worksheet - 2 Helping hands - My Strengths

    Student worksheet - 3 Helping hands - My Strengths

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