7. myWAY Educator: Work Experience

Middle years
Senior years

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The purpose of this practice is to assist teachers to prepare students for work experience which gives them an opportunity to engage in real-life learning about careers. Good preparation for work experience may help ease anxiety and set students up for success.

This practice aligns with the General Capabilities of the Australian curriculum as described on the website of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

This practice also aligns with the National Curriculum Work Studies as described on the website of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

This practice will help students to

Prepare for work experience

Learn from work experience

This practice will help teachers to

Use myWAY Employability

Prepare students for work experience

Where this practice fits into myWAY Employability educator resources

mwe map work experience

Apply this practice with your students

The tabs below provide information to support your implementation of this practice. The sequence aligns with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership's High-Quality Professional Learning Cycle. You can find out more about high quality professional learning in the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders.

A. Plan

Familiarise yourself with the MyWay Employability website so that you can demonstrate how to find the activities and assist your students if needed.
  • Work experience articles (links can be found under the cloze activity below)

  • Work experience practice

Prepare each student’s transition planning team regarding the practice.

Choose from several resource materials provided in this practice to use or adapt ahead of the lesson. Decide how you will use the resources to supplement work experience as it occurs in your school program. 


myWay scaffolding chart


The glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice. If you are not sure how to pre-teach vocabulary, we have a quick example inserted at the end of this planning section which is intended for viewing by teachers only. 

Glossary - 1 Hand - Work Experience

Glossary - 2 Hands - Work Experience

Glossary - 3 Hands - Work Experience

Activity: Student 'cloze' activity

The cloze activity supports student understanding of the following myWAY Employability articles. 

Teacher notes 

Teacher notes explain the Cloze activity.

Teacher notes - Work Experience - Cloze activity

Student worksheet

Three versions of the Cloze student worksheet.

Student worksheet - 1 Hand - Cloze activity

Student worksheet - 2 Hands - Cloze activity

Student worksheet - 3 Hands - Cloze activity

    Peer modelling video

    There is a video of students completing the cloze activities that might be useful for your students. 


    Activity: Role-playing

      Teacher notes

      Teacher notes explain the Role-playing activity, 

      Teacher notes- Work experience - Role playing

      Peer modelling videos

      There are two videos for your students to watch. Each video shows student peers on work experience.

      The video stops in order that your students can evaluate the peer's performance. After the pause, there is a section where there is a peer model of a student evaluating the student in the video.  

      Work Experience - Role playing Scenario 1


      Work Experience - Role playing Scenario 2


      Student worksheet

      Three versions of the Role playing student worksheet.

      Student worksheet - 1 Hand - Role plays

      Student worksheet - 2 Hands - Role plays

      Student worksheet - 3 Hands - Role plays

      Student checklist

      Two versions of the student checklist to help students prepare for their work experience.

      Student checklist - 1 Hand - Work Experience

      Student checklist - 2 Hands - Work Experience

      Activity: Workplace Safety


      The glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary about personal protection equipment items for workplace safety. 

      Glossary - 1 Hand - Workplace safety

      Glossary - 2 Hands - Workplace safety

      Glossary - 3 Hands - Workplace safety

      Teacher notes

      Teacher notes explain the Workplace Safety activity.

      Teacher notes - Workplace safety

      Student worksheet

      Two versions of the Workplace Safety student worksheet are here.

      Student worksheet - 1 Hand - Workplace safety

      Student worksheet - 2 Hands - Workplace safety

      Activity: Journal Writing

      Teacher notes

      Teacher notes explain the Journal writing activity.

      Teacher notes - Work Experience - Journal writing

      Student worksheet

      Two versions of the Journal writing student worksheet are here.

      Student worksheet - 1 Hand - Journal writing

      Student worksheet - 2 Hands - Journal writing

      Lesson plan

      This lesson plan is incorporated into Section C: Apply the practice below. 

      Lesson Plan - Work experience

      Sample Lesson Plan - Work Experience

      Adapt this sample template as required.

      Practical checks

      • Have all students created an individualised login?

      • Do all students have  access to the myWAY Employability website?

      • If needed, have you organised a peer mentor or an additional adult? 

      Pre-teaching vocabulary

      The glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice. If you want to refresh how to pre-teach vocabulary, we have a quick example here,  which is for viewing by teachers only. 

      B. Set goals

      <% outcome.title %>

      <% outcome.title %>

      Session title

      <% student_goal.goal %>

      <% teacher_goal.goal %>

      C. Apply the practice

      1. Login to myWAY Employability

      Ensure that your students have access to a computer to individually log onto the myWAY Employability website.

      2. Please adapt this lesson plan to meet your needs

      Lesson Plan - Work Experience pg1
      Lesson Plan - Work experience Page 2

      3. Introduce the myWAY Employability Work Experience activities

      Go to the myWAY Employability website and show students the Work Experience activities on the dashboard. You will need Internet access for this task.

      Use a Smartboard if you have one available, otherwise ask students to go the website (using a computer or tablet) and talk them through it.

      Demonstrate to students how to complete the activities. 

      D. Reflect and refine

      <% outcome.title %>

      Reflect on your student goals

      Please enter student goals in B. Set Goals

      <% student_goal.goal %>

      <% student_goal.reflection %>

      Reflect on your teacher goals

      Please enter teacher goals in B. Set Goals

      <% teacher_goal.goal %>

      <% teacher_goal.reflection %>

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      Your student goals and reflections

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      Your teacher goals and reflections

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