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Find a champion for the transition planning team

Middle years
Senior years

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Adolescents on the autism spectrum benefit from having a champion in their transition planning team.

A champion:

  • takes a leadership role during the student’s transition planning
  • supports the student practically and emotionally by providing additional training, one-on-one coaching, and advocacy
  • can be a teacher, parent/carer, or another person agreed on by the student and team.

Having a champion in the process of planning for life after school may also benefit all students, not just those on the spectrum.

The purpose of this practice is to:

  • help teachers to establish transition planning teams
  • help students to identify their champions.

This practice will help students to

build a supportive team for transition planning

experience mentorship

experience coordinated home–school support

This practice will help teachers to

establish coordinated home–school support

support students with transition planning

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