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inclusionED is an online professional learning hub, designed with teachers and for teachers. inclusionED translates the latest research into quality teaching practices to support diverse learners in inclusive classrooms. An initiative of Autism CRC, inclusionED aims to transform every classroom into an inclusive learning environment, backed by evidence-based and research informed practice.

For a limited time only, we are offering a practice package to new registrations that offers our top 3 classroom setup practices in one handy guide. Setting Up for Success offers an easy-to-follow quick snapshot of teaching practices that can guide you in how to organise your classroom for the diverse learning needs of your students. It’s everything you need to get Back to School in an inclusive way!

What you’ll receive:
  • 3 evidence-based and research informed practices in an easy-to-follow guide;
  • Suggestions for further adjustments to cater to your student’s specific learning needs;
  • Free access to all other practices, resources and links on inclusionED;
  • The confidence that you are setting up your classroom for success!

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