Students assemble a walking LEGO robot

Improve teamwork skills: Robotics social clubs

Middle years

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This practice contains one of nine challenges for robotics social clubs. It uses the programming and teamwork skills students have practised in previous challenges.

Teacher-selected or student-selected activities should continue to be based on student needs and areas identified for development.

The robotics challenge in this practice targets and scaffolds students' ability to work in teams:

  1. Space challenge

This challenge takes 2–3 sessions of approximately 45 minutes. Optional extensions could involve students challenging another team or teaching their parents how to complete the challenge.

If students have already completed several other challenges, you might choose to form new teams and give robots new names in this session.

If you need to build a robot, begin with the starter challenge in the Communicate effectively: Robotics social clubs practice. You could also provide students with pre-made robots.

This practice will help students to


express ideas


say sorry

This practice will help teachers to

scaffold student listening

scaffold student verbal communication

explicitly teach how to compromise

explicitly teach apology skills

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