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This practice is part of a formal evaluation project exploring the value of MyWAY Employability resources to educators that will take place in Term 1 2022. Please contact Keely Harper-Hill if you are interested in taking part. Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee Approval HRE2020-0493

Many students are unaware of the role their strengths and interests can play in future careers and jobs. Career exploration can also be informed by understanding how the different elements of a work environment may play to a student's strengths - or not.

The Post-school options: Self-discovery practice provides teaching resources to assist your students to build awareness of their own career interests and strengths, and how these may align with work opportunities. The activities are designed to prepare and support students to use myWAY Employability to further understand their career interests and strengths.

This practice will help students to

Identify their work-related strengths

Discover their career interests

This practice will help teachers to

Incorporate myWAY Employability into teaching and learning

How the practice works

Watch this short video to learn more about this practice.  Duration 01:29

Apply this practice with your students

The tabs below provide information to support your implementation of this practice. The sequence aligns with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership's High-Quality Professional Learning Cycle. You can find out more about high quality professional learning in the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders.

A. Plan

Unit plan

The unit plan for this practice are available as a PDF or a word version. Use the word version if you wish to amend the plan or record any teaching adjustments. 

This plan includes:

  • Lesson One: Explore Career Interests
  • Lesson Two: Explore Students' Strengths
  • Lesson Three: Explore Sensory Preferences

Some of the activities and quizzes in the unit will be completed on the myWAY Employability website. These activities are denoted with the following symbol:

myWAY Employability website indicator

Self-Discovery Unit Plan.pdf

Self-Discovery Unit Plan.docx

Adjustments for students with diverse abilities

The notes on making adjustments for students with diverse abilities outlines how each practice is designed to assist teachers to teach to the diversity within their classroom.


Teacher notes: Making adjustments for students with diverse abilities

Before you begin

  • Watch the pre-teach vocabulary video (if required).

  • Open the relevant sections of the myWAY Employability website:

  • Prepare the following resources provided with this unit:

    • Glossary worksheets 
    • Pre-learning interview activity worksheets if you choose to do this (1 per student, scaffolded based on learning needs)
    • Selfie video note-taking chart worksheets (1 per student, scaffolded based on learning needs)
    • Note-taking powerpoint
    • My strengths worksheets (1 per student, scaffolded based on learning needs)
    • Whole of class strengths activity statements and rating anchor sheets
    • Me as a learner extension activity
Individual student activity: Glossary worksheet (optional)

Some of the terms used in the unit may be unfamiliar to students and some students may take longer than their peers to learn them. The glossary will assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice.

The glossary booklet contains word lists and activities at the three different levels of scaffolding. For practices with a number of unfamiliar terms we recommended you focus on 3-5 words that are most relevant to each lesson.

The Glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice. If you are not sure how to pre-teach vocabulary, we have a quick example which is for viewing by teachers only.

Self-discovery glossary worksheets

The self discovery glossary worksheet download contains all 3 helping hands worksheets.

In this lesson, students will explore career interests and their likes and dislikes.

For lesson instructions, see the Self-discovery unit plan.
Individual and paired activities: Activity Interview

In this activity, students tease out liked or disliked activities but also why these activities are enjoyable. The aim is to explore how liked activities can become careers.

Activity - Interview

This document contains the 3 scaffolded levels for the interview activity 

Activity: Selfie video

See the Self-discovery unit plan for the activity outline. 

Three scaffolded versions of the Selfie video note-taking chart student worksheets are available below in the Selfie video note taking charts download.

Selfie video note taking charts

This document contains the 3 scaffolded versions of the note taking chart.

Optional activity: Note-taking presentation

A note-taking PowerPoint is also provided. This may be useful for your students to see before completing the Selfie video activity. 

PowerPoint - Note-taking Skills

 For your use if needed

Individual activity: Career exploration quiz

The below videos are examples of what the myWAY Employability Career Exploration quiz looks like and how to navigate through the quiz.

myWAY activity logo

In this lesson, students will explore their strengths and begin to understand how different career choices align to different strengths

For lesson instructions, see the Self-discovery unit plan.
This activity can be completed as a homework task but can be adapted to complete in class time.  

Students will interview a family member or peer about their strengths. For lesson instructions, see the Self-discovery unit plan.

My Strengths worksheet example: Peer modelling video

This video shows an example of how students can discover their strengths with a peer (00:00 - 00:58). We have also provided a script of what is said.

Student worksheet - My Strengths

This document contains the 3 scaffolded levels for the My Strengths activity. 

Video peer-modelling script – My Strengths

Individual activity: My Strengths quiz

The video below is an example of what the myWAY Employability My Strengths quiz looks like and how to navigate through the quiz.   Refer to the unit plan for more information.

myWAY activity logo

In this lesson students will explore sensory and learning profiles.

For lesson instructions, see the Self-discovery unit plan.

In this video, your students will hear from a neurodivergent person as they describe sensory aspects of work they need to consider in the work environment. 

Student worksheet - Sensory preferences

This download contains the activity sheets for each of the 3 helping hands levels.

The role of a Lifeguard.

In this activity, students watch a video about  the work of a lifeguard. As always, stop the video when you hear a phrase that some students may not fully understand (e.g., "their life is in their hands") at 00:38.

After watching the video, students can then complete the worksheet.  In the first activity,  students consider a fictional character Rhiannon and the role of a lifeguard.


The life of a paramedic 

In the second activity of the worksheet, students consider other career options. You may like to watch the following television segment on the life of a paramedic. This is referred to in the Helping hands 2 activity.

The video is 7 minutes long.  We recommend you watch it first to identify some relevant sections. 

If students are struggling to think about their interests and possible career paths. You may like to use this activity to get them to think about places and situations where they enjoyed learning. Thinking about what they like to do may help them identify possible interests and pathways.

In this activity, students are encouraged to a complete a story of Me as a Learner. This activity supports students to develop career-related self-awareness and self-advocacy skills.

Learner profiles

This download contains the activity sheets for each of the 3 helping hands levels.

These align with the following standards and capabilities of the Australian Curriculum. 

Work Studies Curriculum Standards
  • ACWSCL002: Describe the implications of individual learning preferences for learning at home, school, work and in the community.
  • ACWSCL013: Recognise the importance of self-awareness in career and life design.
  • ACWSCL021: Link personal profiles with potential work opportunities.
  • ACWSCL032: Apply knowledge of self to career decision-making processes.
  • ACWSCL033: Use career decision-making processes to filter career scenarios.
General Capabilities (Personal & Social Capability)
  • Self-awareness: Recognise personal qualities and achievements, understand themselves as learners.

B. Set goals

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C. Apply the practice

It works best when...

Explain how you will be using the MyWay Employability website in class activities in the coming term/year.

Demonstrate to students the various sections of the website and how to navigate between sections e.g., show students the Career Interests and Exploring Strengths sections on the dashboard. 

Demonstrate to students how to complete an activity or quiz. You might find the peer-modelling videos helpful for your students.

It doesn't work if...

Students don't have access to a computer to individually log onto the myWAY Employability website.

D. Reflect and refine

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Reflect on your student goals

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Reflect on your teacher goals

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E. Share

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