Research Participant Information


Survey using Pop-Up Questions
QUT Ethics Approval Number 4448

Research team

Principal Researcher:

Keely Harper-Hill, Lead Researcher, Creative Industries, Education & Social Justice (CIESJ) Faculty, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) & Research Associate Autism CRC

Associate Researcher(s):

Suzanne Carrington Research Professor, Co-researcher CIESJ Faculty, QUT & School Years program Director, Autism CRC



Why is the study being conducted?

This evaluation is being conducted by QUT researchers for the Autism CRC.  

The purpose of this research project is to understand your experience as you move around the inclusionED platform and use the different parts of it.

You are invited to participate in this research project because you are a teacher who is a registered user on inclusionED.


What does participation involve?

Your participation will involve answering 5-10 open- and closed-ended questions next time you use inclusionED. This will be quick! We have timed the questions to take between 5-60 seconds of your time. The questions could include things like:


  1. Have you participated in any online ‘ask inclusionED sessions?’ If so, how did you find them? 

             Informative Uninformative  Engaging   Boring   Relevant  Irrelevant


  1. How relevant were your results to the search term that you used?
Highly relevant Relevant            Somewhat relevant Not at all relevant 


our participation in this research project is entirely voluntary. If you agree to participate you do not have to complete any question(s) you don’t want to - you can simply close the pop-up. Your decision to participate or to not participate will in no way impact upon your current or future relationship with QUT. If you do agree to participate you can later withdraw from the research project simply by not responding to the pop up questions. However, after you have submitted your answer(s) for a particular question(s) it will enter the anonymised dataset and it will not be possible to withdraw your answer(s).


What are the possible benefits for me if I take part?

It is not expected that this research project will directly benefit you. The outcomes of the research, however, may benefit future users of inclusionED. If you would like to know the results of the study, you can request a brief summary of the study outcomes by emailing and we will send these to you.


What are the possible risks for me if I take part?

There are minimal risks associated with your participation in the research. You may be mildly inconvenienced by the pop-up questions as you work through InculsionED. If you don’t want to answer a pop-up question, you can simply close the pop-up window.


What about privacy and confidentiality?

Data collected as part of this research project will be stored securely as per QUT’s Management of research data policy.  Data will be stored for a minimum of 5 years, and can be disclosed if it is to protect you or others from harm, if specifically required by law, or if a regulatory or monitoring body such as the ethics committee requests it.

The research project is funded by the Autism CRC and they will have access to the data. They will provide the anonymised data to QUT for analysis. It will not be possible to identify you at any stage of the research, because personal identifying information is not collected from you in any of the responses and any traceable information will be removed by the Autism CRC Knowledge Translation team before it is provided to the researchers. 

How do I give my consent to participate?

Answering any of the pop-up questions is accepted as an indication of your consent to participate in this research project.


What if I have questions about the research project?

If you have any questions or require further information please contact one of the listed researchers and we will be glad to help:

Keely Harper-Hill          07 31383046

Suzanne Carrington         


What if I have a concern or complaint regarding the conduct of the research project?

QUT is committed to research integrity and the ethical conduct of research projects.  If you wish to discuss the study with someone not directly involved, particularly in relation to matters concerning policies, information or complaints about the conduct of the study or your rights as a participant, you may contact the QUT Research Ethics Advisory Team on 07 3138 5123 or email

Thank you for helping with this research project. Please refer to this page for your information.