3. myWAY Educator: Exploring Strengths

Middle years
Senior years

Resources are provided with this practice



The purpose of this practice is to:

  • assist students to explore their own strengths
  • develop an understanding of strengths-based employment

Included in this practice:

  • interview activity to explore their own strengths whereby students ask others (such as a parent or teacher) to identify one of the student’s personal strengths
  • video of two peers discussing each others' strengths
  • case studies of autistic people pursuing strengths-based employment on myWAY Employability
  • completion of the myWAY Employability quiz on strengths

The MyWay Employability practices on inclusionED meet the needs of diverse learners and most resources are scaffolded. Some students may require a peer mentor to engage and to navigate the website. 

This practice aligns with the General Capabilities of the Australian curriculum as described on the website of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

This practice also aligns with the National Curriculum Work Studies as described on the website of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

This practice will help students to

Explore their strengths

Match strengths to occupations

Develop literacy skills

Make real-world connections

This practice will help teachers to

Use myWAY Employability

Accommodate diverse learners

Where this practice fits into myWAY Employability educator resources

mwe map strengths

Apply this practice with your students

The tabs below provide information to support your implementation of this practice. The sequence aligns with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership's High-Quality Professional Learning Cycle. You can find out more about high quality professional learning in the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders.

A. Plan

Familiarise yourself with the strengths quiz on the myWAY Employability website so that you can demonstrate it to students and assist them in class if needed.

Choose from several resource materials provided in this practice to use or adapt ahead of the lesson.


description of levels of scaffolding

  • Read the following articles on myWAY Employability . These contain links to case studies of autistic people pursuing strengths-based employment. Decide which case studies your students will read and discuss. Audio versions of these articles are also available below.

[insert audio versions here:]


The glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice. If you are not sure how to pre-teach vocabulary, we have a quick example inserted at the end of this planning section which is intended for viewing by teachers only. 

Glossary - 1 Hand - My Strengths

Glossary - 2 Hands - My Strengths

Glossary - 3 Hands - My Strengths

Teacher notes

The My Strengths interview activity is set up as a homework task but can be adapted to complete in class time. We think students will need about a week to complete this at home. 

The teacher notes explain the My Strengths interview activity.

Teacher notes - My Strengths

Peer modelling video

Here is a video of students talking about their strengths that you may find useful (00:00 - 00:58). We have also provided a script of what is said. 


My Strengths video script

Student worksheet

Three scaffolded versions of the interview activity student worksheet are available for download.

Student worksheet - 1 Hand - My Strengths

Student worksheet - 2 Hands - My Strengths

Student worksheet - 3 Hands - My Strengths

Lesson plan

A sample Lesson Plan is available for download below. This is also included in Section C: Apply the practice below. 


Lesson Plan - My Strengths

Sample Lesson Plan - My Strengths

Adapt this sample template as required.

Practical checks

  • Have all students created an individualised login?
  • Do all students have  access to the myWAY Employability website?
  • If needed, have you organised a peer mentor or an additional adult? 


    Pre-teaching vocabulary

    The glossary can be used to assist students to pre-learn the vocabulary used in this practice. If you want to refresh how to pre-teach vocabulary, we have a quick example here, which is for viewing by teachers only. 

    B. Set goals

    <% outcome.title %>

    <% outcome.title %>

    Session title

    <% student_goal.goal %>

    <% teacher_goal.goal %>

    C. Apply the practice

    1. Login to myWAY Employability

    Ensure that your students have access to a computer to individually log onto the myWAY Employability website.

      2. Please adapt this lesson plan to meet your needs

      Screenshot of the Lesson Plan


      Case studies

      Are you viewing the case studies from the myWAY Employability website as suggested in the Plan section? 

      The following discussion questions are provided as samples.
      You can set them as paired or whole-class discussion.

      • What challenges has this person faced in their life.

      • What “strength” does this person identify in themselves.

      • What career has this person chosen and why.  

      3. Introduce the myWAY Employability My Strengths Quiz

      Go to the myWAY Employability website and show students the Exploring Strengths section on the dashboard. You will need Internet access for this task.

      Use a Smartboard if you have one available, otherwise ask students to go the website (using a computer or tablet) and talk them through it.

      Demonstrate to students how to complete the quiz. You might find the peer modelling video helpful:

      D. Reflect and refine

      <% outcome.title %>

      Reflect on your student goals

      Please enter student goals in B. Set Goals

      <% student_goal.goal %>

      <% student_goal.reflection %>

      Reflect on your teacher goals

      Please enter teacher goals in B. Set Goals

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      <% teacher_goal.reflection %>

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      Your teacher goals and reflections

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